You know, I’ve been reblogging some stuff these last months, but i don’t create anything new a very long time ago (i have my reasons).
I miss it …
And now I’m thinking of going back to producing posts.

There are so many new shamy/majim shippers on tumblr and everything is different from when I joined the site, but it’s ok. 

Let’s go! \o/

ps: I want to thank you all my new followers! Welcome, sweeties <3



2 hours ago

ALS awareness, indeed… @setonoconnor @johnnygweir @missmayim @kunalkarmanayyar @andrewperloff #JeffreyKatzenberg #ALS #IceBucketChallange

Anonymous asked:

Green Eyes = genialidade!! Espero que tenha continuação!!

Ainda tem alguns capítulos prontos que posso postar, mas a autora não atualiza tem um tempinho, e não sei quando pretende continuar :/