A response to Mayim Bialik’s post about Frozen.



Now let me start by saying I am in no way opposed to others having opinions and I completely accept their right to have varying opinions on wide ranges of topics. This is merely a response to Mayim’s post and my own opinions on the matter.

Recently a friend liked a post from Mayim Bialik to a…

i’m sorry, but i don’t have to always agree with Mayim just because I like her.

Anonymous asked:

Não vai mais ter continuação da fanfic "The impossible thing"?

Eu não desisti da fanfic, não.. mas ela está meio que abandonada. Tenho o destino da história na cabeça, mas me falta inspiração pra escrever. Espero continuar em breve!

forg0t-my-mistakes asked:

Oiii! Seu blog é maravilhoso, viu? ♡

Ah, muito obrigada <3